Penalties for Violations

If users happen to do something against the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, several penalties will be applied. These penalties may differ depending on the procedure and may change from time to time. Here are the current penalties:

  • On the first violation, users may not be aware of the Community Guidelines. On these occasions, SurgBuddy will send a notification in order to remind the app’s policies and state that it is a violation of the Community Guidelines. If the violation or several violations continue, further actions will be taken, such as suspension or ban violators’ accounts temporarily or permanently.
  • The second violation comes with applying penalties such as account restrictions including blocking the account from posting for a week. 
  • If users violate the app’s policies 5 times within 90 days (period may change), the account may be banned permanently. 
  • Single violation with several cases of abuse of the app’s policies may cause the users’ account to be banned without warning.
  • Accounts that are violating the policies continuously may be banned without a warning. On these occasions, 90-day period will not be needed.
  • When warranted and/or if needed we may report users’ actions to relevant authorities.