Content that threatens individuals or content that targets an individual with prolonged or malicious insults based on intrinsic attributes.

While you’re posting content

Do not post content on SurgBuddy if it fits any of the descriptions below.

  • Content that features prolonged name calling or malicious insults based on someone’s intrinsic attributes. These attributes include their protected group status, physical attributes, or their status as a survivor of sexual assault, non-consensual intimate imagery distribution, domestic abuse, child abuse and more. For instance, showing pictures of someone by saying ‘’Look at this creature’s face, she/he is disgusting!’’
  • Content uploaded with the intent to shame, deceive or insult such as dehumanizing a person based on his/her intrinsic attributes by making statements like ‘’Look at this dog of a woman! She’s not even a human being, she must be some sort of mutant or animal!’’
  • Revealing someone’s private information such as their home address, email addresses, credentials, phone numbers, identity or passport numbers or bank account information.
  • Content that incites to harass or threaten individuals on or off SurgBuddy.
  • Content that encourages abusive fan behavior such as doxing, dogpiling, brigading or off-platform targeting.
  • Content that targets an identifiable individual as part of a harmful conspiracy theory where the theory has been linked to direct threats or violent acts.
  • Content making implicit or explicit threats of physical harm or destruction of property against identifiable individuals such as ‘’when I see you next, you’ll be dead’’, you better watch out’’, ‘’when I see you, I’ll punch your face!’’
  • Content posted by vigilantes restraining or assaulting an identifiable individual.
  • Content reveling in or mocking the death or serious injury of an identifiable individual.
  • Content that depicts users simulating acts of serious violence against others.
  • Content featuring non-consensual sex acts, unwanted sexualization or anything that graphically sexualizes or degrades an individual such as zooming in or prolonged focused or emphasis on the breasts, buttocks, or genital area of an identifiable individual for the purposes of degrading, objectifying, or sexualizing.
  • Content that displays or shows how to distribute non-consensual sexual imagery.
  • Stalking or attempting to blackmail users.

Please note that these are just some examples, and do not post content if you think it might violate this policy. If you’ve come across contents include one or more of the above, please report it.