External Links

  • External Links

External links are completely forbidden on SurgBuddy if they include content that violates our Community Guidelines. This includes links that fit any of the descriptions noted below:

  • Links to pornography.
  • Links to websites or apps that install malware.
  • Links to websites or apps phishing for a user’s login credentials, financial information, etc.
  • Links to websites, apps, or other information technology that give unauthorized free access to contents, software or streaming services that normally require payment.
  • Links to websites that seek to raise funds or recruit for terrorist organizations.
  • Links to sites containing child sexual abuse imagery.
  • Links to content that would violate our hate or harassment policies
  • Links to sites selling regulated goods.
  • Links to content encouraging others to commit violent acts.
  • Links to content that spread medical misinformation including COVID-19.
  • Links to websites or apps that spread misleading or deceptive content that can cause serious risk of egregious harm, such as interfering with democratic processes.

Please note that these are just some examples, and do not post content if you think it might violate this policy. If you’ve come across contents include one or more of the above, please report it.